Certified Team Leader - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Certified Team Leader - Virtual Learning


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop trust and rapport between team members
  • Create an effective and empowered team
  • Establish a motivating team environment
  • Apply strategies for improving team relationships
  • Develop strategies for implementing changes within a team

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders who are responsible for building and maintaining effective teams in the work environment

Target Competencies

  • Relating to others
  • Leading others
  • Gaining commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Self awareness
  • Understanding motivational needs

Course Outline

  • The team leadership challenge
    • 21st century team definition
    • On shifting ground: organizations today
    • Skills of effective team leaders
    • Characteristics of effective team leaders
    • Developing leadership skills
    • Leadership styles: self analysis
    • Techniques for increasing team effectiveness
  • Building a high performance team
    • Recipe for successful teams
    • The teamwork success formula
    • The importance of clear goals
    • Decisions by consensus
    • Clear roles and work assignments
    • From involvement to empowerment
    • Types of effective teams
    • Team development stages
  • Inspiring teams to better performance
    • Identifying team roles
    • The Belbin type indicator
    • Aligning individual and team motivators
    • The values alignment matrix
    • Keys to resolving values conflicts
    • The motivating mix
    • Creating a supportive environment
    • Energizing your team
  • Sustainable strategies for improving team relationships
    • Identifying effective communication methods
    • Face to face communication
    • Team problem solving
    • Factors shaping team performance
    • Phases of team problem solving
    • Tools for making effective team decisions
    • The ingredients of effective decision making
  • The team leader’s role in managing change
    • Managing change
    • Change requires exchange and expanded thinking
    • Key factors in successful change
    • The change cycle
    • The 4 room apartment strategy
    • Typical reactions to change
    • Helping the team move through change stages
    • Handling reactions to change
    • Strategies for dealing with change
    • The 17 laws of great teamwork

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