CILT Certified Procurement Professional - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

CILT Certified Procurement Professional - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Identify the important organizational role of the procurement department
Use proper negotiation techniques with suppliers
Evaluate the performance of the department at the macro level
Decide how to choose the best suppliers for their operations
Apply the latest innovative procurement techniques for the 21st Century  
Target Audience
Senior buyers, purchasing supervisors, purchasing managers and other supply chain personnel.

Target Competencies
Procurement innovation and creativity
Negotiation planning
Evaluating suppliers
Training buyers
Writing procurement KPIs
Market search for better suppliers

Course Outline

Role of procurement managementTotal value analysisLinking the procurement function to the organization’s strategyOptimizing procurement productivityProper buying of materialsProper buying of servicesProper buying of capital equipmentSpeeding up the production of the final productLinking the purchasing function to the other supply chain functions
Negotiating with suppliersQualities of a successful negotiatorProper planning strategiesPreparing the right list of questionsThings to do before the negotiationThings to do during the negotiationThings to do after the negotiationThe right time to negotiate with suppliersThe number of suppliers to negotiate withChoosing the right suppliers
Managing and evaluating the department performanceCentralization versus decentralizationAdvantages of centralized procurementAdvantages of decentralized procurementReasons for departmental performance appraisalCreating a strong purchasing teamDistributing the correct workload among the buyersIncreasing the efficiency of the buyersIncreasing the team spirit within the departmentDesigning and conducting end users surveys
Training the procurement staffTechnical training on purchased items to increase productivityThe number of training hours per yearVisiting the supplier plant as a training toolVisiting the supplier warehouse as a training toolCommodity rotation as a training toolContinuous professional developmentTraining on ethical behavior
Kaizen and continuous improvement in procurementInnovative purchasing methodsImplementing new creative procurement ideasImprovement initiativesMonitoring global market conditionsUpdating procurement KPIsThe right number of procurement KPIsAdding value to the total organization

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