Cloud Management and Security: Principles and Best Practice - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Cloud Management and Security: Principles and Best Practice - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Understand cloud strengths and misconceptions, and discuss its benefits and weaknesses
Explain cloud structure, properties and management services
Set a cloud adoption strategy
Discuss the main requirements to move current cloud untrusted infrastructure to a trustworthy internet-scale cloud critical computing infrastructure
Analyze the major risks associated with the different cloud services and deployment models
Discuss the main principles, mechanisms and best practices for treating cloud risks
Demonstrate the discussed concepts using practical case studies, business models and industrial tools
Target Audience
IT and infrastructure leaders, decision makers (CxO), risk analysts, strategic planners, architects, administrators, software and business developers, and project managers

Target Competencies
Cloud management
Identity management
Access management
Security risks management

Course Outline

Cloud overviewCloud definition, misconceptions and evolutionCloud services and deployment typesChallenges
Cloud managementCloud structure and its propertiesVirtual and application layer management servicesCloud dynamic nature and its challengesApplication development and integration within cloudsSecurity best practices for automating cloud infrastructure managementClarifying the concepts using industrial platforms
Establishing trust in cloudsDefining cloud trustworthinessIts propertiesAssessing cloud trustworthinessEstablishing trust in:PrivateHybridCommunityPublic cloud deployment typesEstablishing trust in:IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) PaaS (Platform as a Service)SaaS (Software as a Service)Clarifying the concepts using openstack management platform
Identity and access managementAuthenticationAuthorizationAccess managementFederated access managementInsiders vs attackersInsiders analysis and managementRelated industrial tools:Cloud insider treatmentsCloud strong authentication
Provenance in cloudsDefinition and attributesChallenges facedSecurity risks mitigation using provenanceCase studies for using provenance:Forensic investigationTrustworthy operational managementProactive and predictive managementBill assuranceRelated industrial tools

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