Data Analytics for Managers - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Data Analytics for Managers - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Justify the need for investing organizational resources in data analytics
Ask the right questions to get the information needed for a robust data analysis project
Describe the methods and techniques that are used for data analytics projects
Explain how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help with data analytics
Communicate and defend data-driven findings and decisions to stakeholders
Target Audience
This course is ideal for leaders, managers, and professionals who want to learn how data analytics can help improve organizational decision-making processes. 

Target Competencies
Understanding complex data
Analyzing data
Structuring data
Balanced decision-making
Visualizing data
Assessing data patterns

Course Outline

Overview of data analyticsAn introduction to business data analyticsQuantitative data analysisNavigating big dataData scientists: The job of the 21st centuryThinking like a data scientistThe process of data analytics
Gathering the right informationFocused researchGetting the data you needAsking for data and analyticsDesigning business experimentsUsing the scientific methodThe difference between data and metricsUnderstanding what is being measuredTrusting your dataEnsuring data is safe to use
Analyzing dataThe value of dataData visualizationOverview of predictive analyticsLooking to the future by looking at the pastUnderstanding regression analysisEvaluating the relationship between variablesActing on correlationAssessing confidence in findings
Data analysis tools and techniquesMachine learningInvesting in artificial intelligenceStatistical significanceLinear thinking in a non-linear worldThe pitfalls of data-driven decisionsAvoiding cognitive trapsAnalytics that can cheatPaying attention to outliers
Communicating findingsThe value of dataMaking meaning out of dataMaking charts that persuadeGiving meaning to numbersCommunicating uncertaintyUnderstanding the likelihood of eventsChallenging data findingsEnsuring that data is thoroughDecisions and dataInfluencing through story telling

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