Developing a Successful Sales Culture - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Developing a Successful Sales Culture - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the science and art of a successful sales culture
  • Shift to a sales attitude at work and build a productive workplace atmosphere
  • Increase work productivity and motivation on the job by adopting vital sales skills
  • Capitalize on the benefits of a successful sales culture
  • Reduce typical pressures associated with the sales culture and develop a healthy work life balance

Target Audience

Sales, service and support staff at all levels who want to understand how a successful sales culture can increase work productivity, job satisfaction, and motivation. Also, all individuals who are keen on improving their relationships with internal and external customers at both the personal and work level.

Target Competencies

  • Work productivity
  • Employee motivation
  • Sales attitude
  • Self confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Building stronger and healthier work relations
  • Managing pressure
  • Healthy competition
  • Appreciation and feedback
  • Sales coaching
  • Sharing success
  • Learning from failures

Course Outline

  • Understanding the high performing sales culture
    • Definition of a sales culture
    • Factors supporting successful sales cultures
    • Activity – A workplace assessment
    • Setting the right direction
      • What do we really want?
      • Evaluating the mindset
      • Dos and don’ts of sales behaviors
      • Working through the positives
      • Working through the negatives
    • Secrets of a successful sales culture
      • What can we learn from high performing sales cultures?
      • Revisiting sales foundations and social selling
    • Self-reflection: What is currently working and what is not?
    • A case study in great sales cultures
  • Shifting to a can-do sales attitude at work
    • The importance of personal congruence
      • Activity – A personal assessment
      • The thinking – acting – feeling alignment 
      • Mindfulness: The power of self-talk
      • Activity versus passivity
      • Finding our way in a successful sales culture   
    • 7 powerful steps towards the can-do attitude
    • Ways to boost self confidence and self-esteem
    • What can we learn from highly successful sales people?
    • A case study in great sales attitude
  • Sales cultures and company’s performance
    • The sales inventory toolbox: Training, tools, and support
    • Successful sales cultures and the motivating sales management style
      • Pillars of success for the manager/sales team
      • Sales expectations, appreciation, and feedback
      • Reward systems and the carrot and stick approach – Myths and realities
      • The role of sales coaching in fostering a healthy sales culture
    • Sales cultures and the fully engaged organization
      • Engaging sales protocols and practices for different occasions
    • Positivity at work – A leadership prerogative
    • The importance of fun in a sales environment
    • A case study in great sales leadership
  • Benefits of a sales work culture – The sales KPIs
    • Alignment of organizational goals
    • Higher motivation, productivity, and returns
    • Employees happiness and customer delight
    • Elevation in the levels of energy and optimism
    • Effective empowerment and better decision making
    • The ongoing learning organization
  • Working through the stress of high performing sales cultures
    • How successful sales cultures deal with stress
    • Reading and understanding the stress triggers
    • The value of team collaboration and support when dealing with stress
    • Techniques to manage stress during downtimes

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