Developing Purchasing Policies, Processes and SLAs - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Developing Purchasing Policies, Processes and SLAs - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Outline the strategic role of purchasing in the organization
Practice the latest business writing techniques suited for the development of policies, processes, procedures and SLAs
Formulate policies to effectively govern the organization’s purchasing activities
Design cross functional processes and procedures that optimize effort, cost, time, output and controls
Develop SLAs that set smart rules of engagement between the purchasing department and the rest of the organization
Target Audience
Purchasing and supply chain management professionals at all levels of the organization, as well as other company personnel involved in the purchasing process.

Target Competencies
Procurement management
Policy development
Processes design
Process evaluation
SLA development
Business writing

Course Outline

The strategic role of purchasingPurchasing terms and definitionsEvolution of purchasing into a strategic functionPurchasing relationships within the organizationPurchasing processEthical principles governing the purchasing function
Using an appropriate writing styleWriting in an impersonal styleOrganizing paragraphs and sentencesWriting applicationsSimple languageSpecific languagePositive languageUsing active verbsApplying easy and effective grammatical rulesGunning fog index for writing complexity
Writing purchasing policiesPurchasing policies: what are they and why do we need them?Guidelines for writing purchasing policiesPurchasing policy scopePolicy contents and exclusionsDeveloping purchasing policies - practical application
Designing purchasing processes and proceduresDefining processes and proceduresConsiderations in developing processes and proceduresProcess developmentArtistic processesScientific processesProcess hierarchyAbstract processesStrategic processesOperational processesMeasuring and improving process performanceRules governing the use of flowchart symbolsMapping your processes using swim lane flowchartsWriting detailed procedures to support process maps
Developing service level agreementsThe role of SLAsUnderstanding departmental inter-dependenciesPrinciples for developing SLAs that add real valueTypical SLA table of contentsWriting SLA practical applicationsService level managementInternal SLAsExternal SLAsMeasuring the purchasing function performance against SLAs

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