Digital Transformation Masterclass - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Digital Transformation Masterclass - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Apply the concepts of Digital Transformation to a practical organizational challenge 
Identify customer-centric techniques and tools to build a vision and strategy for the future of their organizations
Demonstrate principles of leadership and cultural transformation to work into organizational strategies, including self-identification and reflection techniques to drive future growth 
Produce Digital Roadmaps and Plans to understand the interrelationships of multiple work streams and projects in the context of Transformation 
Utilize visioning, goal setting and planning techniques to set a business agenda towards their future business evolution
Target Audience
Digital Transformation Masterclass is essential for anyone responsible for driving change, transformation and strategy within an organization.  This includes, but is not limited to; CEOs and Directors, Department Heads and Managers, Transformation Leads, Program Leads, Strategists, Business Architects, Senior Change and Digital Professionals.

Target Competencies
Strategic Transformation
Customer-Centric Research Techniques
Digital Roadmapping
Transformational Culture and Leadership

Course Outline

Creating a Digital You and a Digital BusinessSetting the expectation for the next 5 daysUnderstanding who you are – what values drive youLeadership & FollowershipCulture for Digital TransformationStop, Start, ContinueStarting a Digital Transformation – it’s a team sportBriefing researchUndertaking research, including desk based, observational, interviewsBiasTriangulationConstraints &OpportunitiesUnderstanding limitationsDesigning your business around needs
Digital Transformation Matrix and Customer-CentricityContextualizing ‘digital’Digital Transformation MatrixCustomer- CentricityComponents of Customer ExperienceFront-stage and backstage service designCustomer Experience MappingEmpathy MappingProto-personas
 Enabling Digital TransformationTechnological advancementsDeep dive into emerging trendsValue PropositionBusiness Model CanvasDeveloping your organizational purposeCreating your Digital Transformation StrategyThe Big Hairy Audacious Goal
Turning Ideas and Research into Strategy for your BusinessDigital RoadmappingDigital Transformation PlanningYour organization in 5 years’ timeReflecting on Digital TransformationHistory of Digital TransformationKey tenets of Digital TransformationTop 3 things to start a Digital Transformation
 Designing for the FutureVisioning the FutureExpectations of the worldSkills for the Future world caféDesigning your post Digital Transformation selfDesigning your post Digital Transformation employeeSkills planning for the futureActions to take in your businessSelf-directed learning objectives

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