eLearning Fundamentals and Best Practices - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

eLearning Fundamentals and Best Practices - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Demonstrate deep understanding of eLearning fundamentals
Utilize effectively the tools and technologies that allow successful eLearning experience
Assess eLearning programs based on design and delivery rigorous criteria
Engage e-Learners effectively through blended learning approaches
Target Audience
Training professionals, L&D professionals, instructional designers, HR business partners, and talent development professionals.

Target Competencies
eLearning Delivery
eLearning Design
eLearning Assessment
Learning Effectiveness
eLearning Tools and Technologies

Course Outline

Fundamentals of eLearningeLearning DefinedSynchronous eLearningAsynchronous eLearningBlended eLearning2020 Studies on benefits and limitations of eLearningGCC focused analysis of eLearning adoptionReadiness for eLearningThe technologyThe securityThe learnerA comparison of top asynchronous learning providers around the world
Tools and TechnologiesLearning management systems (LMS)DefinitionAdministration interfaceUser interfaceDesigner interfaceComparison of top 5 LMSs around the world2020 Platforms for synchronous eLearningEngagement challenges of synchronous eLearningEngagement challenges of asynchronous eLearningHow to prepare the user for an effective eLearning experience
Designing Successful eLearning ProgramsEvaluating eLearning programs through the ADDIE processObjectivesMediaAssessmentsAssessing asynchronous eLearning user experienceCreating eLearning communitiesGamification of asynchronous eLearningA 60-minute practical model for delivering synchronous eLearning10 amazing tools for boosting engagementAn overview of Jack Phillips model of evaluation learning and return on investment 

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