Five Productivity Traits for Optimal Results - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Five Productivity Traits for Optimal Results - Virtual Learning


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the SUPER productivity formula and its multiplicative nature
  • Adopt short and long-term activities that allow them to continuously develop towards skills master
  • Master the techniques that avail uninterrupted focus time at work
  • Establish trust based relationships with key people to ensure high responsiveness
  • Manage their physical energy on a daily basis to maintain consistently high levels of performance
  • Adopt a mindset of organizational relevance to invest resources into what matters most for the organization

Target Audience

This course is targeted at employees, supervisors, and middle managers seeking to optimize their productivity through a rigorous and systematic approach.

Target Competencies

  • Performance optimization
  • Self development
  • Time management
  • Prioritization
  • Building rapport
  • Influencing others
    • Building trust
    • Optimizing colleagues responsiveness
    • Managing personal energy
    • Goals alignment

Course Outline

  • The SUPER formula for top performers
    • Characteristics distinguishing a top performer
    • The personal benefits of being a top performer
    • The 5 elements of top performance:
      • Skills
      • Uninterrupted time
      • People
      • Energy
      • Relevance
    • The productivity formula – S×U×P×E×R = % of performance
    • The multiplicative nature of the productivity formula
    • Top performance as a choice
  • Skills mastery – The 1st element
    • Defining mastery – good is the enemy of great!
    • Kaizen – the continuous improvement principle
    • Strategies to reach mastery level in your area of expertise
    • Indicators that you have become a skill master
    • The conscious competence learning matrix
    • How to lead yourself towards mastery in the absence of a leader
  • Uninterrupted time for optimal focus – The 2nd element
    • The focus curve – time segments do not add up
    • Evaluating the myth of multitasking
    • De-focusers: how and why people lose focus
    • Fighting procrastination
    • Effectively managing internal and external interruptions for optimal focus
    • What to focus on – the time matrix revisited for a technology-based generation
    • Calculating your return on time
  • People responsiveness – The 3rd element
    • The chain effect – no one task is done solely by one person
    • The relationship matrix – identifying key people for your optimal performance
    • The benefits of optimizing responsiveness of key people
    • Turning key people at work into success partners
    • The responsometer – practical tool to measure and improve people responsiveness at work
    • Establishing trustworthiness – the core four
      • Integrity
      • Intent
      • Capabilities
      • Results
    • Doing the right things the right way
    • Understanding how people develop trust
    • Effective behaviors for gaining people trust
  • Personal energy management – The 4th element
    • Physical energy as fuel for performance
    • Top 10 bad energy habits
    • Most famous energy drainers
    • Red alerts your body tells
    • Upgrading your energy engines
  • Activity relevance for goals alignment – The 5th element
    • Defining corporate relevance
    • Avoiding the frustration of busyness – seeking alignment
    • Developing your relevance compass
    • Put your tasks to the relevance test
    • Reaching a consensus on your time matrix with your boss

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