IIBA Endorsed Building and Presenting a Powerful Business Case - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

IIBA Endorsed Building and Presenting a Powerful Business Case - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Define and use the main steps involved in developing a business case
Scope a requirement and break it down into structured issues
Conduct critical analysis using an elaborate business case toolkit
Design and deliver a structured business case
Prepare for a presentation using a systematic and easy-to-follow approach
Use the most commonly available visual aids to support their presentation and make it visually appealing
Target Audience
All those who wish to improve their business case development and presentation skills to a noticeable level using a strictly hands-on approach. The workshop-type course is particularly helpful for people who have to prepare and deliver presentations to senior management.

Target Competencies
Problem scoping
Analytical ability
Presentation design and delivery
Verbal and non-verbal communication

Course Outline

Scoping the Business CaseBusiness case considerations6 steps to develop a business case via a hypothesis driven approachWorking with hypothesis treesProblem statements and the critical questionFraming a problem: Situation, Complication, Question and Answer (SCQA)The MECE Principle
Conducting Critical AnalysisThe business case toolboxFocus interviewsBenchmarkingThe opportunity matrixCreating visualaides effectivelyMastering the 5 primary chart types
Designing a Compelling Business CaseSketching out a story-lineSecuring stakeholder buy-inManaging stakeholder expectationsDeveloping and delivering a communications plan
Preparing for a PresentationGathering the raw dataThe various sources of data and presentation contentHow much information should you begin withFiltering the informationTriple S ruleDeciding on time allocation: how will you know how much time you needFormula of substance, style and support and its impact on the way you present
The Framework of an Effective PresentationOpening with a win: how to win audience’s attentionPreview: what should be mentioned in the outline?Key points of a presentationThe psychological rule of 3Recapping before the finish: common tips and pitfallsClosing with a bang
Visual AidsUse of objects and props for visual impactHand-outs: when and how to circulate themSecrets and techniques for using flip chartsPictures and images: the trends todayPowerPoint: what every presenter should know

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