IIBA Endorsed Certified Data Analyst - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

IIBA Endorsed Certified Data Analyst - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Assess the current state of the organization from a data analytics perspective
Frame the research question for the business data analytics process
Plan the business data analytics approach
Document and communicate findings of completed analyses
Use results to influence business decision-making
Target Audience
Analysts, managers and professionals who are looking to build their analytical skills as well as those who are interested in improving their decision making capabilities based on analytical evidence

Target Competencies
Analytical thinking
Analysis of data
Problem solving
Assessing data patterns
Structuring data
Balanced decision-making

Course Outline

Business data analyticsWhat is business data analytics?The role of the business analystBusiness data analytics as a data-centric set of activitiesBusiness data analytics as a decision-making paradigmBusiness data analytics as a set of practices and technologies
Business data analytics objectivesTypes of analytics methodsThe descriptive part of data analyticsDiagnostic analyticsPredicting what is likely to happenPrescribing the futureBusiness analysis and business data analyticsBusiness data analytics tasks
Identifying the research questionsDefining the business problem or opportunityAssessing the current stateDefining the future stateFormulating the research questionPlanning the business data analytics approach
Sourcing dataPlanning data collectionDetermining the data setsCollecting dataData sourcesConducting informational interviewsUsing guided dialogueValidating data
Analyzing dataDeveloping an analysis planPreparing dataExploring dataPerforming data analysisAssessing the analytics and system approach taken
Interpreting and reporting resultsIdentifying stakeholdersUnderstanding stakeholdersPlanning stakeholder communicationDetermining the communication needs of stakeholdersDeriving insights from dataDocumenting and communicating findings from the analysisUsing results to influence business decision-makingRecommending actionDeveloping an implementation planManaging change

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