IIBA Endorsed The Effective Analyst - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

IIBA Endorsed The Effective Analyst - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

 Define a problem and ensure that the 'right' question is being answered
 Justify breaking down a problem into smaller issues that can be tackled independently
 Create a work plan that prioritizes resources and focuses on the key issues
  Identify the right sources for data through research and expert interviews
  Interpret data and build a structured argument for findings
Target Audience
New and advanced analysts and project managers who are involved in researching, analyzing and investigating issues related to their organization.

Target Competencies
Problem management
Problem solving
Analysis of data
Conceptual thinking
Balanced decision making
Results orientation

Course Outline

Structuring problemsThe changing role of the analystOverview of problem-solving approachesThe importance of structuringDefining the right issueUsing the issue statementDividing issues into manageable sectionsThe use of logic trees in problem solvingDeveloping issue trees
Prioritizing and planningThe importance of prioritizing workEliminating non essential issuesUsing the 80:20 rulePrioritization methodologiesUsing the prioritization matrixDeveloping practical project plansBuilding an effective work plan
Conducting analysesGetting the right dataTypes of researchPrimary research developmentSecondary research developmentConducting informational interviewsAsking 'so what?'Summary versus synthesis
Communicating and presentingTurning data into findingsCommunicating findings by telling a 'story'Story telling elementsPresenting to senior management?

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