Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement and Cost Reduction - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement and Cost Reduction - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Define productivity and various types of organizational waste
Identify areas of poor productivity due to poor quality and suggest ways to increase effectiveness and efficiency
Justify and apply quality improvement tools and techniques in order to improve productivity
Apply several cost reduction strategies in order to meet changing global, statutory and market conditions
Recognize and apply measuring initiatives and set targets in order to improve productivity
Target Audience
Managers, supervisors and all those who are responsible for, or indirectly involved in, a cost or profit center or a quality improvement function.

Target Competencies
Problem solving
Change management
Applying quality
Understanding cost reduction
Applying Lean
Understanding Six Sigma

Course Outline


Productivity definedResearch on productivityDefinitionsCauses for poor productivityApproaches: productivity improvementImproving productivity throughStaffQualityCost reductionProductivity factor Improving staff productivity at workplace: tipsPerformance and productivityBarriers to cost reduction programsSleep and its impact on productivityThe Connection between power napping and productivityGetting commitment to a cost cutting programSetting up a cost reduction programResistance psychology in humansEmployee Engagement TechniquesThe role of suggestion schemesSix tips to unleash your productivity from Robin Sharma
Principles of cost reduction: the quality approachQuality definedCornerstones of qualityCost of poor quality and productivityThe 'Muda' factorValue added analysisPillars of LeanLean principles  Eight types of wasteLean implementation barriers
Productivity improvement tools and MethodologiesProductivity improvement project road mapTool selectionBrainstormingParetoWhy-why methodHow-how methodIshikawa fish-bone diagramSix Sigma MethodologyRe-engineeringThe 5 S programThe 'Focus' methodology
Cost reduction opportunitiesCutting cost strategically: tips from the expertsStreamlining the organization and the ESSA methodSMART practices for increasing productivityCost savings opportunitiesIndustry 4.0 and cost optimizationOne hundred and forty ideas to cut costs
Measuring your productivity initiativesKey performance indicatorsTypes of measuresSetting targets for cost reductionBenchmarkingTypes of benchmarkingThe balanced scorecardThe dashboard

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