International Law Essentials - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

International Law Essentials - Virtual Learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify international law
  • Differentiate various international tribunals procedures
  • Learn from the most famous international cases the application of international law

Target Audience

Legal and paralegal managers, public officials, governmental professionals, head of departments, team leaders and supervisors and anyone who wishes to gain knowledge of international law.

Target Competencies

  • Law
  • Legal procedure
  • International agreements
  • Problem solving
  • Persuasiveness

Course Outline

  • International law
    • Terminologies
    • History
    • Modern international law
    • What is International Law?
    • What does international law involve?
    • International law and state sovereignty
  • Sources of international law
    • Treaties
    • Customs
    • Principles
    • International tribunals
    • Notable international courts
      • the United Nations Security Council
      • the International Criminal Court
    • Permanent international courts.
    • United Nations Security Council
    • International Criminal Court
      • ICC procedures
    • Who practices international law?
    • International Lawyers
  • Some of the most famous ICJ cases
    • Anglo Norwegian Fisheries Case (UK vs Norway)
    • Simma on the Lotus Dictum: An Outdated Principle
    • Nicaragua vs United States: An Analysis of ICJ’s Jurisprudence on Customary International Law
    • Asylum Case (Colombia vs Peru), 1950
    • North Sea Continental Shelf Cases, (Netherlands/Germany and Denmark/Germany), ICJ, 1961
    • Lotus Case (France v Turkey), PCIJ, 1927
    • Arrest warrant case (Democratic Republic of Congo vs Belgium), ICJ, 2000
    • Jurisdictional immunities of the State (Germany vs Italy), ICJ, 2012
    • Rendition to Libya an act of State and therefore non-justiciable 2014

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