Interpersonal Communication Skills - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Interpersonal Communication Skills - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the skills necessary to communicate in an effective manner
  • Demonstrate their ability to communicate across cultures
  • Employ techniques for listening actively and empathically
  • Manage interpersonal conflict
  • Handle feedback and criticism constructively

Target Audience

Employees, supervisors, managers and others seeking to improve their communication skills both on and off the job.

Target Competencies

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Influencing others
  • Assertiveness
  • Active listening
  • Building rapport
  • Networking and giving feedback
  • Conflict management

Course Outline

  • Effective communication
    • Introduction to communication
    • Communication levels and definitions
    • Communication functions
    • The 4 principles of interpersonal communication
    • Elements of the communication process
    • Communication delivery aspects
    • Non verbal communication
    • Building rapport
    • Where can miscommunication occur?
    • Barriers to effective communication
    • Overcoming communication barriers
    • The communication funnel
  • Communication across cultures
    • Improving cross-cultural communication: guidelines
    • 'DiSC' personal development profile
    • Stages of team development
    • The arts of persuasion
    • Areas of growing your sphere of influence
    • Communicating within multi-cultural teams
    • Stages of team growth
    • Universal laws of persuasion: process
  • Active listening
    • Hearing versus listening
    • Active versus passive listening
    • Tips to improve active listening skills
    • 3 aspects of active listening
    • Active listening skills inventory
    • Using different questioning techniques
    • Closed and open questions
    • Probing types questions
    • Pitfalls of leading questions
  • Communication behavior and conflict management
    • Assertive, passive and aggressive behaviors
    • Verbal and non-verbal components of communication behaviors
    • Conflict management
    • Types of conflicts
    • Sources of conflicts
    • Conflict management styles
    • Essential conflict management skills
    • Learning to say 'no'
    • Guidelines for applying 'no'
  • Constructive feedback and criticism
    • The value of feedback
    • Positive versus negative feedback
    • Giving constructive criticism
    • Receiving criticism

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