Job Analysis and Evaluation Workshop - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Job Analysis and Evaluation Workshop - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Apply the basic principles of job analysis and evaluation
Prepare comprehensive job analysis interviews
Write clear job descriptions based on thorough job analysis
Defend the importance of job evaluation as a tool to guarantee internal consistency and fairness
Evaluate jobs using the Meirc job evaluation system
Justify the importance of the effective administration of job evaluation systems
Assess the job evaluation options available and make informed decisions on which job evaluation system to use and why
Target Audience
The target audience for this workshop includes HR officers, HR specialists and team leaders, as well as HR managers and HR business partners who want to sharpen their skills of job analysis, job description and evaluation.

Target Competencies
The targeted competencies in this workshop are:

Working with people
Relating and networking
Presenting and communicating
Applying expertise and technology
Persuading and influencing
Analytical thinking
Following instructions and procedures
Business writing

Course Outline

Introduction and overviewOrganizations pay for jobs, not for individualsJob analysis and evaluation as part of a comprehensive compensation systemThe pervasiveness of the job description
Conducting job analysisUses of job analysisJob analysis methodsJob analysis processJob analysis guidelinesDos and don'ts of job analysis interviewsPractical
Writing job descriptionsOrganizational responsibilitiesWriting the job description with the job evaluation system in mindThe key result areas approach for writing job descriptionsThe language and format of job descriptionsThe ultimate test for the effectiveness of the job descriptionPractical
An overview of job evaluationJob evaluation definedJob evaluation and internal consistencyThe objectives of job evaluation
Job evaluation methodsJob evaluation methods: choosing the one for youSimple rankingGrade classificationFactor points systemsThe main factor points systemsChoice of system
The Meirc job evaluation system described and explainedThe system's seven compensable factorsThe system factors explained factor by factorJudgmental and non judgmental factorsThe system guidelinesSources of error in applying a job evaluation systemKey ingredients for evaluatorsPractical
Administration and maintenanceImportance of job descriptionsJob evaluation policyConfidentiality in job evaluationThe job evaluation processAdministration and proceduresManaging job evaluation through the committee processImportance of communication in job evaluation

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