Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Explain the challenges and objectives facing maintenance organizations today
Demonstrate the importance of work order systems and use techniques for time estimations and priority assignments 
Prepare a preventive maintenance program
Apply project management techniques to effectively manage major maintenance activities and shutdowns
Use business level financial models to focus maintenance on increasing profit
Understand how to position maintenance to drive company performance and adopt effective continuous improvement
Make critical workplace adjustments to stay ahead of COVID-19 risks
Target Audience
Managers, supervisors and planners responsible for maintenance planning, scheduling and control activities.

Target Competencies
Maintenance theory and practice
Maintenance work processes
Project management
Financial evaluation
Planning and logistics theory and practice
Performance management

Course Outline

IntroductionAims and objectivesPersonal needsBenefits of planning and schedulingWhere best practice comes fromIntroduction of the models of excellence
Getting ahead of the curve on COVID-19 risksThe impact we have seenSafety EfficiencyCollaborationThe need to innovate and digitalise radically, but effectivelyWhat to expect in a post COVID-19 world
Objectives of maintenanceDefinition of maintenance and asset managementChallenges and objectives of maintenanceThe modern maintenance strategyMaintenance windows (setting when things can be done)
The work order systemPurpose of the Work Order (WO) systemWhere people go wrongInformation collected on a WOJob estimating methodsPrioritizing maintenance work orders
Maintenance types (breakdown, preventive, predictive and proactive)Definitions of each maintenance typeRelative strengths and weaknesses of each typeThe importance of implementing a Planned Maintenance (PM) programEstablishing schedulesUnderstanding and avoiding the risks associated with a PM program
Planning and scheduling of major maintenance WOS and shutdownsThe unique challenge of maintenance shutdownsWork Breakdown Structure (WBS)Critical Path Method (CPM)Controlling scopeResource scheduling and leveling
Planning and controlling maintenance materialsConsiderations in inventory decisionsImproving maintenance storesHow much to order: Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)When to order (setting min and max levels)
Controlling maintenance workDeveloping SMART objectivesUsing Maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)Developing KPIs to drive the workflowGeneric maintenance indicators
The role of planning and scheduling in Performance ImprovementMaintenance as a business processHow scheduled maintenance can lock in waste and costDrawing learning from recurring maintenance tasksReviewing planned maintenanceImproving productivityCapturing learning from inspection work
Key digital and system changes for a post-COVID worldRisk assessment processDigital solutions that we have witnessed working effectivelySimple non-digital solutions that make a difference

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