Maximizing the Impact of Human Capital - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Maximizing the Impact of Human Capital - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of HC and of its impact
Develop HC KPIs and related scorecards
Adjust organizational processes through HC process value analysis
Describe the components of an HC financial index  
Explain how HC can impact existing and futuristic management decisions  
Target Audience
Human resources and human capital managers, business partners and team leaders interested in human capital contributions

Target Competencies
Analytical thinking
Business acumen
Achieving goals and objectives
Financial analysis and decision making

Course Outline

The real value of human capitalHuman resources versus human capitalPeople informationThe importance of data-to-value cycleIntellectual capacity:Process and cultureIntellectual property
 Human capital performance

How to measure human capital impact on the goalsHC value circleHC KPIs from definition to applicationHuman economic value addedHuman capital cost factorHuman capital value addedHuman capital ROIHuman capital market valueHuman capital  scorecard
Human capital process

Human capital impact on processesHuman capital in processesProcess value analysisFramework of an effective processPerformance matrixHuman capital effects
Human capital management

Human capital impact on managementHuman capital management STARThe future of HCM
Acquisition functionsMaintenance function (benchmarking and surveys)Development functionsRetention functionsTrends in functional outsourcing
Human capital ROI

Human capital impact on the financialsExample on human capital income statement (P&L)Human capital financial indexOutsourcing ROIMergers and acquisitionsObjectivesProgramsMeasures

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