Professional Skills for Human Resources Management - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Professional Skills for Human Resources Management - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Explain the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to HR professionals and apply simple techniques to develop their emotional quotients
Deliver balanced and well-structured public speeches with ease and confidence after learning how to deal with public speaking anxiety and subduing its effects
Describe the differences between influencing and persuading and use best techniques in applying them in HR work related situations
Apply effective creative problem-solving techniques that will help them make the right decisions at work
Use various budgeting techniques and apply them immediately in HR related scenarios
Target Audience
Human resources professionals or those who are about to start a career in HR as administrators, officers or specialists. The program is also beneficial for experienced officers and managers in HR who wish to update their knowledge and skills about the latest techniques in the various behavioral competencies.

Target Competencies
Working with people
Presenting and communicating
Applying expertise and technology
Planning and organizing
Achieving goals and objectives
Financial acumen
Problem solving
Decision making

Course Outline

Emotional intelligence (EI): the base for honing HR professional competenciesDefinition of emotional intelligenceSelf awareness and self managementThe importance of EI for HR professionalsDeveloping EI competencies
Public speeches and presentationsPurpose and objectives, different typesStructure of presentationsSupporting your speechPublic speaking anxiety and how to deal with itStyle of presenting
Persuasion and influencingDefinition of persuasion and influencingSteven Covey's circle of influence and circle of concernHR application of persuasion and influencingThe different techniques of influence and persuasionUse of techniques for different business and HR situations
Creative problem solving and decision makingScanning, analysis, responses and assessmentThe problem solving cycleCreative problem solving: methods and overcoming barriersLink between problem solving and decision makingThe 6 step process to decision making
Budgeting, accounting & financeAccounting versus financeUnderstanding financial statementsIncome statements, balance sheets and the cash flow statementTechniques of operational budgetingImportance of budgetingMethods of budgetingBudgets as a control mechanism

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