Project Management for Transport Infrastructure - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Project Management for Transport Infrastructure - Virtual Learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance knowledge of transport infrastructure projects and enable project managers to successfully achieve delivery objectives
  • Explain network vision and critical strategies needed to achieve project objectives
  • Demonstrate key aspects of Transport Infrastructure Project Management from the concept of operation (CONOPS) to project delivery, finalization and benefit management
  • Explain the necessary tools that could be effectively used to manage transport projects successfully
  • Gain knowledge of project management principles, best practices and methodologies to achieve outcomes
  • Describe and demonstrate the importance of project governance and assurance processes

Target Audience

This course is an intensive training program exclusively designed to assist project managers, planners, project engineers and senior managers responsible for making decisions and delivering or managing transportation projects.

Target Competencies

  • Infrastructure Project Management
  • Network Visions and Modeling
  • Resource Management
  • Project Approvals
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Governance and Assurance

Course Outline

  • Transport and Road Infrastructure Project Management
    • Importance of network vision and strategic transport planning
    • Understanding transport and road infrastructure project management
    • Importance of early communication and stakeholder management
    • Infrastructure project life cycle and asset management
    • Sustainable transport policy and its role in project and program management
    • Infrastructure project financing and delivery options
  • Establishing and Managing an Infrastructure Project - Part A
    • Establishing a transport infrastructure project
    • Identification and use of best project management practice (Prince2, Agile, PMBOK, OnQ, etc.)
    • Establishing and leading the project team
    • Project planning (PID/Mandate /Preliminary business case)
    • Effective project planning to strengthen project management competencies
    • Developing a concept of Operations (CONOPS) / Blue Print
    • Project approvals
  • Establishing and Managing an Infrastructure Project - Part B
    • Request for information (RFI) or Market Testing and expression of interest (EOI)
    • Project procurement
    • Project scheduling and milestone management
    • Project risk management
    • Probity and ethics
    • Project monitoring and control reporting
  • Infrastructure Project and Program Governance
    • Understanding the concepts of infrastructure finance and the use of special purpose vehicles
    • Alternative financing plans such as commercial and financial structuring of Public Private Partnerships
    • Difference between infrastructure financing and funding and the challenges in raising finance
    • Project and program governance
    • Achieving value for money in a constrained economic environment
    • Collaborative professional networking for continuous project management
  • Project Finalization and Benefit Management
    • Importance of project finalization
    • Constructed designs
    • Project close-out
    • Project benefit management
    • Key learning and concepts
    • Way forward

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