Purchasing Management and Cost Saving Techniques - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Purchasing Management and Cost Saving Techniques - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Define the strategic role of the purchasing department
Perform accurate supplier evaluation
Develop effective negotiation strategies with all suppliers
Explain the importance of value analysis to purchasing
Evaluate the performance of the department using proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Improve the efficiency of the purchasing department
Target Audience
Buyers, senior buyers, purchasing supervisors, purchasing managers and all other personnel who need to understand the purchasing function.

Target Competencies
Strategic purchasing operations
Item value analysis
Departmental management
Purchasing ethics
Supplier evaluation

Course Outline

The strategic function of purchasingThe link between the purchasing function and organizational strategyCreating a purchasing mission statementMatching the purchasing mission with the company's missionWriting the department's objectivesBalancing quality, service and priceThings purchasing should strive forType O purchasing managerType S purchasing manager
Supplier evaluation and negotiationNegotiating with suppliersPower in negotiationPlanning for negotiationThe 13 powers of negotiationAchieving the right agreements with suppliersFactors used to evaluate suppliers on total performanceWays of promoting good supplier relationsCreating suppliers as good partnersChoosing the right suppliers
Value analysis16 key strategic questions to askApplying the 16 strategic questionsHow these 16 questions will reduce total costOptimizing purchasing productivityAdding value as a purchasing managerThe 21st century purchasing managerFrom pushing papers to strategic thinking
Managing and evaluating the department performanceCentralization versus decentralizationReasons for departmental performance appraisalManaging other buyersManagement by objectivesContinuous development for the buyersKey Performance Indicators for purchasingChoosing the right KPIs for purchasingThe right number of departmental KPIs
Improving purchasing efficiencyEvaluating service to end usersConducting the right surveysCommunicating better with end usersEthical behavior with suppliersEthical behavior with end usersEthical behavior within the departmentPurchasing policies and proceduresTraining the staff

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