Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Define recruitment, list its main steps and learn the best methods and sources for attracting qualified candidates
Practice the various techniques used for short listing and assessing candidates and the reliability and validity of each
Discover the main types of selection interviews and when and how to use each
Prepare and conduct a probing interview for any vacancy and level in the organization
Use the data collected from various assessment stages for selection purposes
Target Audience
Managers, superintendents, supervisors and officers in the functions of human resources or recruitment whose jobs require recruiting and selecting employees. The course is also very useful for all those outside human resources whose jobs require conducting frequent and important selection interviews.

Target Competencies
Decision making
Interpersonal skills
Culture awareness
Service delivery
This Meirc course is accredited by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Credit Hours = 20

Course Outline

Recruitment and selectionRecruitment versus selectionStages in the recruitment processRoles and responsibilities at each stageManaging relations with other HR functions
Defining requirementsBuilding a job profile: the use of essentials and desirablesJob description: formatPerson's specificationsPersonal profile
Attracting candidatesVarious sources for attracting candidates:Referrals and internal candidatesRecruitment adsAdvertising pros and consInternet and websitesRecruitment agencies and head huntersCareer fairs and universities
Screening candidates and short listingTangible versus intangible criteriaShortlisting stepsScope of an assessment centerThe use of CVs, résumés and applications for short listingVerifying on-line applications
Interviewing candidatesScreening and biographical interviewsSerial and sequential interviewsHypothetical interviewsPanel interviews: pros and consCompetency based interviewsInterview guidelines
Evaluating candidatesImportance of data captureObjective versus subjective remarksLegal and fairness issuesProducing a personal profile
The selection decisionCriteria that should be usedUse of decision matrixes in selectionUse of competency gap analysis
Recruitment and selection information managementBuilding a database for sources and candidatesThe importance of data trackingPhysical files versus soft filesHR management systems

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