Security Incident Management and Investigations - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Security Incident Management and Investigations - Virtual Learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and apply the principles of Incident Management to their workplace
  • Apply Incident Management methodology and create a plan to recover the business quickly from a threat or incident
  • Explain the basic fundamentals of an investigation
  • Demonstrate how to conduct a basic internal investigation within their organization
  • Conduct a complete crime scene preservation investigation from start to finish

Target Audience

This course is suitable for security managers/supervisors and personnel, company investigators, human resource professionals, site managers, safety and incident response team members, business owners, and anyone involved in incident management and investigations.

Target Competencies

  • Incident Management
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Team work
  • Critical Thinking

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Incident Management and Investigations
    • Incident management.
    • Differences between an Emergency, Incident and Accident
    • Security incidents and safety incidents
    • Managing an incident
    • Incident response
    • Business Continuity Management (BCM)
    • Investigation case studies
    • Evidence collection and continuity of evidence
    • External and internal investigations
    • Locard’s Exchange Principle
  • The fundamentals of Incident Management
    • Initial response
    • Incident classification
    • Reporting and escalation procedures
    • Integrated Incident Management Response
    • Site-specific emergency procedures
    • 5 Priorities when responding to specific Incidents
    • Incident management team requirements
    • Conducting debriefs post-incident
    • 5C’s to Incident Management
  • Application of Incident Management Plan
    • What is an Incident Management Plan?
    • Constructing an Incident Management Plan for your organization
    • Techniques required to implement the plan
    • Implement the incident management plan
  • Principles of Investigations
    • Locard’s Exchange Principle
    • Establishing an investigative mindset
    • Observation skills
    • Rules of Investigation
    • Planning an investigation
    • Decision making process
    • Working with victims and suspects
    • Priorities on attending the scene
    • Principles and types of search
    • Types, value and collection of evidence
    • Crime scene preservation
    • Crime typology and how it affects investigations
    • Common Questions and Answers regarding investigations
  • Investigation Methodology
    • Conducting an investigation
    • Investigation evaluation
    • How to deal with Evidence found at the scene
    • Dealing with the authorities and Police
    • Understanding the legal chain of evidence
    • Questioning techniques
    • How to conduct a professional Interview

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