Security Policies and Procedures - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Security Policies and Procedures - Virtual Learning

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify numerous types of policies used in security
  • Understand Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)
  • Apply assignment instructions to security operations
  • Create policies and procedures for their organization
  • Manage the successful implementation of security policies

Target Audience

This course is suitable for security professionals who manage and control an organization’s policies and procedures; this includes security supervisors, managers, team leaders and company owners, directors and stakeholders.

Target Competencies

  • Communication
  • SOP creation
  • Team management
  • Critical and strategic thinking

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Security Policies and Procedures
    • What are security policies?
    • What are security procedures?
    • Why do we need policies in our organizations?
    • How policies affect your work and every-day routines
    • Understanding the connection between policies and the law
    • The importance of policies and procedures in security
    • Different types of policies in the workplace
    • 3 types of security policies
    • What should a security policy contain?
    • Assignment instruction
    • Policies and the law
    • Wants, needs and benefits of policies and procedures
  • The Principles of Policies and Procedures
    • Setting a security policy within an organization
    • 5 components or elements of a security policy
    • Differences between policies and procedures
    • Security awareness
    • Roles and responsibilities when creating policies
    • 3 types of security controls
    • Relationship between policy and management
    • Policy statements
    • Top-down security
    • Bottom-up security
    • Security standards
    • Codes of Security behavior and ethics
  • Management Controls and Written Documentation
    • Security administration
    • Assignment instructions
    • Reporting procedure
    • Physical control policies
    • Technical control policies
    • Structuring your security policy
    • Developing a security strategy
    • Rational for security strategy
    • Consequences of poor policy implementation
    • Establishing effective procedures for success
    • Implementation of security procedures
    • Managing security procedures
    • Measuring procedures for assessing performance
    • Security procedure typology
  • Creating Effective Policies for your Organization
    • Developing a suitable security policy for an organization
    • Developing and writing a policy statement for your organization
    • Matching security procedures to the policies
  • Creating Assignment Instructions for your organization
    • Developing a written assignment instruction for an organization
    • Creating a security plan with a list of suitable policies and procedures for your organization

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