Warehouse Operations and Management - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Warehouse Operations and Management - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Explain the major objectives and functions of modern warehousing
Perform ABC inventory classification and calculate record accuracy and discrepancies
Improve supervisory skills and deal more effectively with warehouse staff issues
Develop better skills for housekeeping and safety within the warehouse
Measure warehouse productivity using the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
Target Audience
Those involved in warehousing (store) activities, both at the operational and supervisory levels. The course is also appropriate for anyone interested to know more about the interaction between warehousing and other materials management functions (purchasing, inventory control and distribution).

Target Competencies
Warehouse operations
Warehouse productivity
Customer service
Record accuracy
Safety management
Warehouse auditing

Course Outline

Introduction to modern warehousing managementThe modern warehouseProblems and challenges in warehousingWarehousing and inventory costsCustomer service in warehousing
Inventory classification and record accuracyThe ABC classificationUses of the ABC classificationInventory record accuracyReasons for poor accuracyPeriodic and cycle counting
Storage and material handling systemsLayout of the warehouseSize and shape of the warehouseStorage utilization and organizationMaterial handling equipment checklist
Safety in the warehouseGood housekeeping inside the warehouseIdentifying safety hazardsUnsafe acts and conditionsCauses and costs of damagePlanning for safety
Productivity and audit of a warehouseCauses of lost timeWarehousing key performance indicatorsObjectives of the warehouse auditComponents of the warehouse audit

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