Writing HR Policies and Procedures - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives

Writing HR Policies and Procedures - Virtual Learning

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Explain the difference between policies, processes and procedures
Apply appropriate HR policies and procedures writing techniques
Describe the purpose and usefulness of human resources policies and procedures
Develop human resources policies and procedures
Target Audience
Professionals working in human resources planning or human resources administration who are directly responsible for developing HR policies and procedures. This course is also suitable for human resources managers who wish to sharpen their skills in writing HR policies and procedures.

Target Competencies
Human resource management
Policies and procedures
Business writing
System thinking
Flowchart development
Human Resources Management Systems

Course Outline

The strategic role of human resourcesThe evolution of HR into a strategic functionSteps to building the strategic role of human resourcesPolicies and procedures as the cornerstone in strategizing human resources
Basic writing tipsWriting in an impersonal styleOrganizing paragraphs and sentencesUsing simple, specific and positive languageUsing active verbsApplying easy and effective grammatical rulesThe gunning fog index for writing complexity    
Human resources policies and proceduresNature and importance of policies and proceduresPolicies versus proceduresWhy are HR policies and procedures required? Expressing values in HR policies and proceduresImportance of statutory inclusionsFormulating HR policies and proceduresA partial list of policiesContents and sections of a policyPractical policy writing activities
Development of human resources proceduresDefining processes and proceduresDifferences between processes and proceduresConsiderations in developing processes and proceduresBuilding your processUse of flowchart symbolsWriting detailed procedures to support process mapsMain considerations in developing HR proceduresThe development processDeveloping HR procedures – practical application

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