Saudi Product Safety Programme SALEEM SABER

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The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation (SASO) has made the decision to implement the Saudi Product Safety Programme (SALEEM) by launching the SABER platform for online Certification for Exports to Saudi Arabia.

SASO has published a list of Technical Regulations covering various products such as Lube Oils, Detergents, Building Materials and Construction Products, Paints, Lifts, Vehicle Spare Parts, Textiles etc.

The products covered by the Technical Regulations are referred to as Regulated Products. The Conformity Assessment Process for the Regulated Products is a two stage process:

Stage 1: Issuance of Product Certification of Conformity (PCoC).

The PCoC is issued for every regulated product as per the applicable product standards defined in relevant Technical Regulation. The PCoC is valid for a period of one (1) year. In order to facilitate the products registration on SABER, our office in KSA is ready to assist the importers to register their products on their behalf.

  • Request for Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) by Importer. 
  • Entry of Product Details in the system based on KSA Customs Tariff Code.
  • Selecting of Certification Bodies (CBs) such as Intertek.
  • Payment of PCoC Fees.
  • Conformity Assessment and entry of substantiating Documents/Verification Results by Intertek.
  • Issuance of PCoC from the system.

Stage 2: Issuance of Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC).

Every regulated product included in the shipment will be verified whether valid PCoC exists for that product and if found to be true will be issued with the SCoC. The SCoC is valid for that specific shipment only.

  • Request for Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC) by Importer.
  • Payment of SCoC Fees.
  • Verification and confirmation of valid PCoC for the product by Intertek.
  • Issuance of SCoC from the system

Importers have to register online on the SABER platform to obtain PCoC and SCoC. Intertek is accredited for most of the Technical Regulations in all the five regions and Importers can select one of Intertek’s five (5) Accreditation Offices to facilitate Conformity Assessment and Certificate issuance. Our expert team has the required technical competencies to provide full support in this regard.

CoC Requirements for Export of Cosmetics and Perfumes to Saudi Arabia

Exporting Cosmetics and Perfumes to Saudi Arabia - a Certificate of Conformity is mandatory for Customs clearance

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has appointed Intertek to provide Conformity Assessment Services for exports of these products to the Kingdom. Intertek is authorised to issue the mandatory Certificate of Conformity, also referred to as SASO Certificate, which is required for Customs Clearance. 


Products shall demonstrate full compliance to SFDA requirements: compliance to GSO 1943, eCosma notification, tamper proof packaging for intimate and oral hygiene products, specific labeling for vials & ampoules.

CoC and Marking Requirements for Exports of Electricals to Saudi Arabia

Overview of the requirements for Electricals being exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

On January 1, 2019, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) launched the SABER platform for its SALEEM certification program, initially covering gas products.

On April 1, 2019 the SABER platform was extended to include electrical products (electrical and energy efficiency) imported and sold into the market.


Applicable Products

Electrical and Gas Products covered by SALEEM and to be registered on SABER by the importer include:

  • Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment & Appliances falling under GSO G Mark
  • Other LVE Equipment and Appliances
  • Products falling under Energy Efficiency Labelling requirements
  • Gas appliances and accessories
  • Mobile devices
  • Car and mobile phone batteries
  • Household domestic water pumps
  • Dishwashers (domestic & commercial)
  • Televisions & Display Monitors
  • Mobile phone, Car & Laptop chargers
  • Power banks
  • Lighting products
  • Electrical motors
  • Portable computers/tablets
  • Wireless Headphones, Earphones, and similar products
  • Smart Watches and Smart Bands

SASO Technical Regulation Conformity Approach
(Electrical & Gas Products):

SALEEM Technical Regulation Product Application Product Scope Conformity Approach Conformity Requirements PCoC Required SCoC Required
BD-142004-01 Electrical Safety and EMC Electrical / Electronic Appliances - TC 143307-01, List (2)  IECEE CB Scheme, or GCC GSO Notified Body Report - Annex 4, or ISO / IEC 17025 Report* IEC CB Test Report and CB Certificate and G Mark Type Examination Certificate No
G Mark Type Certificate Only
MA-155-16-03-04 Electrical Safety Electric Self-balancing Boards (Scooter)  Testing to ISO and SASO IEC / EN Standards and Annual Factory Inspection ILAC ISO / IEC / EN 17025 Test Report and CIG 022 Factory Inspection Report Yes Yes
MA-156-16-03-04 GAS Safety Gas Appliances and Accessories  Testing to ISO, SASO and EN Standards and Annual Factory Inspection ILAC ISO / IEC / EN 17025 Test Report and Factory Inspection Report SASO Quality Mark No
MA-156-16-03-05 Energy Efficiency Variety of Equipment
AC up to 65,000 BTU, AC over 65,000 BTU, Refrigerators up to 1100 L (39 ctf), Freezers up to 850 L (30 ctf), Washing Machines up to 25 KGS, Lighting Products Parts 1 & 2, Electric motors, Fuel economy for new vehicles, Tires, Clothes Dryers, Water Heaters
Testing to SASO EER Standards ILAC ISO / IEC 17025 Test Report,

SASO energy labelling Requirements
MA-162-17-04-03 Electrical & Mechanical Safety Electric Vehicles   Testing to ISO, IEC, SASO Standards ILAC ISO / IEC 17025 Test Report Yes Yes
MA-161-17-07-05 Electrical, Mechanical and Load Safety Electric elevators used in buildings and installations   Site Inspection to ISO & SASO standards ILAC ISO / IEC 17020 Inspection Report Yes Yes
MA-165-18-04-03 Electrical, Mechanical Safety and EER Small-Solar Photovoltaic Systems   Testing to ISO, IEC, EN & SASO Standards ILAC ISO / IEC 17025 Test Report Yes Yes
Technical Regulation for SASO Recognition Certificate (RC) Electrical Safety Variety of Equipment
Mobile Phone devices, Chargers for Mobile Phones, Household/domestic Electric pumps, Car chargers for mobile phones, Wireless chargers for mobile phones, Power bank, Mobile phone batteries, Laptops and Tablets, Smart watches, Smart band, Television and Display monitors, Dishwashers, Wireless headphone, Earphones and similar products, Laptop chargers (Electric transformer for Laptop), Lighting Products – Parts 1 & 2
IECEE CB Scheme IEC CB Test Report and CB Certificate No
MA-166-18-04-01 Electrical Safety Electrical Batteries
(2 main categories are Auto batteries and portable batteries)
Testing to ISO, IEC, SASO Standards ILAC ISO / IEC / EN 17025 Test Report and Factory Inspection Report Yes Yes

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