Nuclear power continues to play a vital role in supplying energy, and Dash supports the industry with Total Quality Assurance services that maintain safety, performance and reliability.

Governments are increasing their focus on nuclear power to meet growing energy demands, while achieving environmental goals with reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Nuclear energy is a cost-effective, clean and reliable source of electricity, and continues to be a significant share of the power generation mix.  Increasing numbers of new nuclear plants are being constructed worldwide and now stands at its highest in 25 years.
Safety, quality, performance and reliability are vital. From the design and construction of a new plant to its operation and maintenance, the nuclear industry is subject to stringent regulation throughout a site's lifecycle. Adequate quality assurance activities from vendor surveillance and initial design and construction, and commissioning, with appropriate equipment regulatory and safety certifications are essential to have long term reliability and safe operations. At the same time, aging nuclear plants and changing operating regimes require operational and condition assessment of the equipment.
Dash's range of nuclear services provides you with the assurance you need to meet your research, supply chain, technological, regulatory, and plant operation and maintenance needs. Our global network of laboratories and experts offers engineering support, technology and software, non-destructive and materials testing, consulting, safety and radiation protection, inspection and training services. From quality assurance and vendor surveillance of new construction equipment, to asset integrity management and failure analysis of components, to creation of risk assessment models and operational quality management systems, Dash can help. Our services include:

Asset Integrity Management
Condition Monitoring and Operational Assessments Software (OPCON)
Failure Analysis
Fitness for Service
Flexible Operation Evaluation
Materials Testing 
Non-Destructive Examination and Inspection
Product Certification
Third Party Review
Vendor Surveillance and QA/QC 
Nuclear System & Component Testing
Cleanliness Assessment
Dash’s technical experts have decades of experience in the nuclear power industry and are ready to deliver the consistent on-demand support that you need with pace, passion and precision. You have the peace of mind that our advanced technology, laboratory facilities and capabilities will ensure the safety, quality and performance of your nuclear plant, processes, equipment and assets. We can advance your operations so that you have the advantage to succeed in today's power generation world by helping you minimise costs, maximise performance and maintain safety.


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