Heat & Mass Transfer

Heat & Mass Transfer

DASHPROJECTS provides services for design of heat and mass transfer equipment which are at the heart of process plants. these include fired heaters and air preheat systems, heat exchangers, trays and tower internals, oil/gas/water separators, gas dehydration systems, sulphur recovery units etc.


DASHPROJECTS is one of the few engineering companies in the world that offers expertise in both Heat and Mass Transfer technology under one roof.


The services provided by DASHPROJECTS are as follows:

  • Thermal /Hydraulic design and sizing of equipment
  • Synthesis and optimisation of heat exchanger networks such as preheat trains
  • Mechanical design and engineering of fired heaters and air preheat systems, sulphur recovery units etc.
  • Engineering for procurement of equipments & auxiliaries
  • Revamping for capacity enhancement, yield and energy optimisation
  • Efficiency improvement studies
  • Grassroot designs and retrofits for abatement of environment pollutants like NOx, SOx

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