As Project Management Consultant, DASHPROJECTS provides management services required for smooth implementation of a complex project typically through LSTK/EPC contractors. As PMC, we provide management advice/guidance to clients in defining scope and interfaces of various agencies.


We carry out tendering activities including evaluation/award etc and take full responsibility for the overall co-ordination and integration of responsibilities of all agencies engaged in the implementation of the entire project.

Depending on the project, responsibilities may cover all aspects from the design stage through to completion and handover to the client.

DASHPROJECTS is expected to add value at each stage of the project cycle by satisfying the following objectives:

  • Meeting international standards of quality in engineering, procurement, construction and safety.
  • Construction within agreed time schedule
  • Bringing value proposition to investment decisions
  • Adopting efficient work and execution methodologies
  • Providing competitive production costs
  • Creating reliable facilities in terms of system availability and plant uptime
  • Operational flexibilities
  • Creating O&M friendly facilities/systems

Our PMC services can be utilized across one or more of the following Project Phases

  • Pre project phase
  • Process Design and FEED phase
  • Preparation of ITB for EPC and evaluation for award
  • Management and Monitoring of LSTK contract

Major Projects

Integrated Refinery Expansion Project, Kochi Refinery for BPCL
Dahej Petrochemicals Complex for OPaL
Rehabilitation and Adaptation Project for Skikda Refinery for SONATRACH

Rehabilitation & Adaptation of Algiers Refinery for SONATRACH

Refinery Expansion cum Modernization Project (Phase-III) for MRPL,
Central India Refinery, Bina for BORL
Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Bathinda for HMEL
Vizag Refinery Clean Fuel Project, Vishakhapatnam for HPCL,
Condensate Topping Project for Skikda Refinery for SONATRACH,
Naptha Cracker Complex at Panipat Refinery for IOCL
Capacity Expansion Cum Modernisation Project (Phase-II) at Kochi Refinery for BPCL
Integrated Para-Xylene/PTA Project at Panipat for IOCL

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