Our supply chain group has teams based in all our major operating centres as well as in other key locations strategically selected to support our business activities. And we have over 400 expert buyers, expeditors, logistics officers and material controllers around the world. With a collective annual spend of between US$1 - US$2 billion, we have first-class expertise in high-value order management.

With our international locations and the experience of our supply chain professionals, we can provide excellent sourcing, expediting and logistics support to our projects worldwide. Where necessary, we also have strong relationships with third party agencies who we can engage to enhance our service on a case by case basis.

Thanks to our flexible commercial delivery models we can procure directly in support of your projects, returning value through a gain share approach. We are currently taking this approach for PDO.

Local delivery has always been central to the way DASHPROJECTS work, underpinned by robust business practices, and we evaluate our impact by calculating in-country value (ICV). We work with local suppliers and develop local capabilities wherever possible, and all goods and services are procured in an ethical and cost-effective manner.

The key success factors to our supply chain operations are:

  • An operational structure which permits prompt approvals and decision making
  • Building and maintaining excellent relationships throughout the vendor community
  • Early commitment to long lead items
  • Strong engagement with vendors at the proposal stage
  • Forward planning - looking and booking ahead
  • Pro-active expediting (desk and field), including extensive use of the support office network, resident inspectors and frequency of management visibility and visits
  • Our procurement benchmarking database where we maintain the latest best prices
  • Highly experienced team
  • Values driven behaviours in everything we do

DASHPROJECTS works with approved vendor lists from our clients. In order to know you better, we invite you to register with us by visiting our vendor registration portal.

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