DASHPROJECTS provides proven vertically integrated engineered solutions to improve the production process.

We deliver intelligent, highly-efficient, vertically integrated solutions and services to support our industry's drive toward fully automated solutions, enhancing production performance and optimizing project economics.


With more than 20 years of experience designing production systems and providing trusted brands, DASHPROJECTS is the leading supplier of systems between the tree and the pipeline for onshore and offshore applications. We are differentiated by our comprehensive portfolio of in-house compact, modular and digital technologies.

Our high-efficiency solutions such as our separation portfolio and measurement technologies, combined with our expertise in modularization, enable our customers to achieve first oil and gas faster with fully optimized and environmental compact solutions. Reducing our customers’ footprints saves time and costs and ultimately delivers more merchantable oil and gas to the sales pipeline.


Safety and Control

  • Wellhead control panel
    • Standard Control Panel
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
  • Actuated Valves  
    • Line pressure operated valves
    • Self-contained emergency shut down valve
  • Chokes 
    • 200 series choke valves
      • 200P
      • 200N
      • 200C
      • Actuated chokes with control systems
    • Weco 1502 choke
  • Transmitter and Sensors
    • Analog Discrete Transmitter
    • Discrete Transmitter
    • Flow Totalizer Transmitter
    • Hydrostatic Level Transmitter
    • MULTI IO Transmitter
    • Resistive Level Transmitter
    • RTD Transmitter
  • UCOS (User-Configurable Open System) Software and Hardware
    • Field Control Unit
    • Control Panel
    • UCOS Software 


  • Production Manifolds
  • Test Manifolds
  • Production Flowlines
  • Valves
    • Compact Valves
    • Choke Valves
    • Gate Valves


  • Primary Separation
    • Separation System
      • Horizontal high pressure (HP) separator
      • Horizontal low pressure (LP) separator
      • Vertical Separator
    • CDS Gasunie Cyclone
    • InLine Separators
      • InLine DeLiquidiser
      • InLine DeGasser
      • InLine PhaseSplitter
    • InLine DeMister
    • InLine Electrostatic Coalescer (IEC)
    • Vessel Based Separation
  • Produced Water Treatment
    • Produced water desander
    • Dewaterer
    • Deoiling hydrocyclones
    • Compact Flotation Unit (CFU)
    • Degasser
  • Sand Solutions
    • Wellhead desander
    • Wellstream desander
    • Produced water desander
    • Slurry desander and accumulator
    • Sand Management Technology


  • Standard pumps
  • Pump skids

Production Monitoring and Optimization

  • Flow Assurance and Optimization
    • Flow Manager
      • Flow analysis (CFD)
  • Monitoring solutions
    • Wellsite monitoring package
    • Tank level monitoring package
    • Sand monitoring package
    • Condition & Performance Monitoring
    • Configurable monitoring solutions
  • Automation solutions
    • Production System automation
    • Configurable automation solutions
  • Measurement solutions
    • Single phase meter
    • Surface MultiPhase Meter (MPM)

Modular Production Systems

  • iProduction™ Integrated and Digital Onshore System
  • Automated Well Testing Package (AWT)
  • Wellsite Integrated Skids (WINS)
  • Integrated Accelerated Production System (iAPS)
  • Integrated Offshore Solutions (IOS) Gas Topside
  • Integrated Offshore Solutions (IOS) Oil Topside

Optimized Designs

optimized designs 400 x 224

Our ability to provide optimized designs creates a smaller footprint, resulting in more options for equipment and systems layout. Our skilled expertise in modularization provides many benefits to our customers, allowing for better use of assets and evolution within the dynamic nature of the oil and gas industry.

Turnkey Systems

turnkey systems 2 400 x 224

We deliver turnkey systems with an intuitive digital interface using in-house technologies that allow us to optimize and modularize these systems.

Technology Leader

new tech leader400 x 224

We are not just an integrator, we own and understand the technology that make up the systems. We offer a single point of procurement supported by a network of service centers to install, commission and maintain the systems.

  • Compact Separation
  • Engineered Measurement
  • Safety First
  • Pumps and Skids

Separation and processing systems

DASHPROJECTS provides industry-leading technology for the separation of oil, gas, sand and water. These solutions are used in challenging environments in surface, topside and subsea applications worldwide. Our family of separation products delivers client success by increasing efficiency and throughput and lowering the footprint of processing facilities with innovative technologies and solutions.

Our compact and efficient separations solutions are designed for upstream and midstream technologies. They are strategically targeted to meet our clients’ execution models from system solutions to separation vessels.


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