Startup, management and operations, and maintenance support

DASHPROJECTS offers startup programs, management and operations, and maintenance support roles for facilities all around the world. The organization is staffed with a multidisciplinary pool of talent, including experts in skill areas such as systems engineering, instrumentation and controls, rotating equipment, high-voltage electrical generation and transmission, water chemistry and wastewater treatment process operations, systems integration, process controls, and tuning and optimization.


  • Nuclear, thermal, renewable, and hydropower stations
  • Transmission substations and switchyards
  • LNG and and other hydrocarbon process plants (upstream and downstream)
  • Petrochemical process plants
  • Pipelines, compressor stations, and pumping stations
  • Makeup water and wastewater treatment plants
  • National laboratories
  • Hazardous waste remediation, vitrification, and neutralization
  • Alumina refineries, aluminum smelters, and copper concentrators
  • Coal export terminals and large-scale material handling systems
  • Rail systems
  • Airport infrastructure and communications systems

Specialized LNG Services

LNG plant operators face an increased demand to deliver a product that is economically attractive to their global customers as well as one that meets the growing environmental demands of the energy industry.

It requires specialized skills and expertise in LNG plant design, technology and innovative construction practices to deliver measurable improvements that meet these customer and community expectations.

Our Specialized LNG Services include:

  • Technical Advisory Services
  • LNG Decarbonization Services
  • Plant Support Services

LNG Technology Center of Excellence

Our dedicated LNG Technology Center of Excellence supports design improvements, innovations and execution efficiency. We leverage our technology positions to deliver sustainable benefits to our customers. We have expertise in several liquefaction technologies including Optimized Cascade, C3 MR, DMR, SMR and Nitrogen cycles servicing plant capacities ranging from base load to medium scale and small-scale LNG. We have established strong relationships with LNG market leading technology licensors such as ConocoPhillips, Air Products, Shell, Linde and Chart which enables us to evaluate and recommend optimal solutions that meet customer requirements.

What we do

  • Plant operability reviews 
  • ?Test-program development
  • Facility startup and commissioning
  • Procedure development 
  • Operations and maintenance training
  • Turnkey commissioning
  • Facility operations
  • Facility outage support
  • Facility inspections
  • Process safety management

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