Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

DASHPROJECTS offers end-to-end supply chain management Services for various clients globally. The services include contracts and purchase, inspection, expediting, transportation as well as supplier/contractor enlistment. We have vast expertise in global procurement through excellent manpower, procedures, rules and policies ably supported by an extensive data base with vast information on global suppliers and contractors from all over world.


Public Procurement has three vital components, i.e., transparency, equity and fairness. Public Procurement of DASHPROJECTS is intended to procure works, material and services of the specified quality within the specified time at the most competitive price in a fair, just and transparent manner. All enquires for procurement of goods, Services and Works, POs/ Contracts and nomination cases awarded are hosted on Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) and DASHPROJECTS website (“Tenders“).

We adopt latest IT tools/technologies for enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of its procurement processes. Over the years, all procurement functions have been IT enabled- from the receipt of an indent up to Inspection, Dispatch and transportation of the equipment. In addition, we have an integrated in-house ERP and EDMS application linking all procurement functions across various geographical locations.
DASHPROJECTS has already implemented E-procurement and reverse auction to enhance transparency with cost reduction. We also provide specialized inspection and expediting services through seven Regional Procurement Offices (RPOs) spread all over India and three overseas inspection offices located in London, Milan and Shanghai. Our inspection services aim at ensuring timely supply of material and equipment of the specified quality and meeting specification requirements for various projects of our clients.

We have a data bank of over 2224 vendors and over 349 contractors in various construction categories. Performance of suppliers and contractors are reviewed periodically (“supplier/ contractor registration“).

DASHPROJECTS provides services for custom clearance and transportation planning and control of equipment to be dispatched to various project sites. The services include arranging shipment of equipments/materials, contract registration with customs, assessment of custom duty and clearance, insurance and transportation to site. Route surveys are conducted for movement of over dimensional consignments and decisions for route with least obstacles are taken accordingly.

DASHPROJECTS, through its commitment and dedication has been instrumental in implementation of Government ’s  or PVT or Public Procurement Policy 2012 for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), and ensuring increased participation of MSEs in the Company’s procurement. The Company is also focused towards the growth of MSE sector and specifically for MSEs owned by SC/ ST entrepreneurs. The Company, in collaboration with SC/ ST bodies like DICCI, has organized various supplier event and product development initiatives.

DASHPROJECTS has been playing a major role in development of Industry. 

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