Combining field-proven equipment, services and integrated solutions

From wellhead to pipeline, integrated ecosystems so you can succeed

We exist to transform the surface market in order to provide customers with breakthrough reductions in cost and carbon intensity.

We serve the onshore and shallow water markets from well to export pipeline.

Disruptive technology
DASHPROJECTS products and systems are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CapEx, and OpEx. We supply drilling, completions, pressure pumping, production, and measurement equipment worldwide. Our wellheads and trees can be found in onshore conventional and unconventional fields, as well as, offshore shallow water fields worldwide. In addition, we supply frac and flowback services for shale and offer a comprehensive portfolio of treating iron and flexibles. Our separation systems, chokes, pumps, and measurement solutions help our customers transition rapidly from stimulation into production.

Integrated ecosystems
We take our customers beyond bundling and supply them with actual fully-integrated ecosystems. By removing the burden of integrating multiple hardware and software, our customers are supplied with a single integrated solution with only one digital interface. This integrated model removes human-intervention in the red zone by automating the system. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning allows us to provide preventive maintenance that would otherwise create expensive downtime. In addition, our digital ecosystem also helps prevent and lower greenhouse emissions.

Zero surprise execution
Our service bases around the world and our global manufacturing sites allow us to put our customers first and keep them ahead. We have developed state-of-the-art digital tools that allow us to reduce human exposure and prevent rather than react. We have embraced our subsea expertise and introduced unmanned-remote operations to the surface market leveraging our proprietary software.

Drilling Conventional


Our wellheads cover your needs no matter how complex, and our experienced service technicians deploy around the world to ensure your installations and well interventions go as expected. We have invested greatly in engineering development and manufacturing capabilities to deliver consistent and reliable systems and services.

DrillNow™ Unconventional

  • DrillNow™ is our solution for standardizing our wellhead portfolio for onshore unconventional fields. Through standardization we allow you to realize increased productive time and enhance safety on the pad. 



We offer frac valves, trees, ground-level manifolds, manifold trailers, superfrac pods, and interconnecting and flexible treating iron equipment for onshore unconventional production. By partnering with our customers, we have developed industry-leading valve and other major technologies and have developed integrated services with superior logistics and uptime.

iComplete™ Integrated System


Get to first oil faster, safer and smarter with iComplete™. Our integrated system enables you to frac differently by leveraging flexible pipe, automation and digital efficiency to minimize complexity and eliminate intervention in the red zone.

Pressure control


As the leading supplier of treating iron and flexibles since the 2004, we have constantly improved our products, delivering consistent, safer and more reliable performance. Our efforts are supported by an extensive network of service bases near our customer's operations to ensure your products are maintained and recertified appropriately by the OEM. We supply treating iron, frac and other reciprocating pumps, choke-and-kill manifolds, and high-pressure choke-and-kill lines to pressure pumpers, well testers and drillers across the globe.



We offer compact and modularized clean-up, testing, and flow processing systems, integrating our proprietary technology to deliver innovative solutions that minimize field commissioning with reduced time to first oil. We also offer a full range of reciprocating pumps to serve your needs in the production space. By incorporating our digital capabilities, we ensure our equipment is providing you data to enable better production optimization and efficient maintenance intervention.

iProduction™ Integrated System


The future of onshore integrated production. iProduction™ is an onshore integrated and digitalized approach to the upfront planning, design, installation and optimization of process and measurement systems from the wellhead to the point of sale.



We provide measurement systems and automation solutions for the transportation, distribution, and storage of oil, gas, and natural gas liquids by truck, rail, vessel, and pipeline.

Shallow Water iEPCI™

Transform marginal fields with DASHPROJECTS's Shallow Water iEPCI™ Eco-system. Our integrated and configurable approach enables you to maximize field performance and discover true economic benefits through modular design, integrated project management and digital technology.

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