Dashinspectorate’s talented and experienced trainers deliver comprehensive asset integrity training to operations integrity, maintenance, corrosion, engineering and HSE teams servicing all sectors of various industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining.

Our training courses are delivered either online or via classroom platforms and are offered both publicly or on a client specific basis. Our client specific courses are typically delivered on site at our client’s premises to ensure the best results and the training is tailored to the current operating environment and requirements of the client. Our public courses promote interaction and networking with delegates coming from a range of different industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining.

Our literature and course content is code compliant and follows the latest industry-wide best engineering practices. We provide our asset integrity literature to the delegates as a means of reinforcing the information that will be covered, and all delegates are issued with a certification of achievement on successful completion of the course.

Dashinspectorate’s established asset integrity training courses include:


The table below contains a comprehensive list of our training courses. Please contact us at for any inquiries.

ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT (AIM)    Provides both theoretical and practical exposure to the foundations of asset integrity management and explains how it should be implemented to safeguard assets, people and the environment.    3 days (can be extended to 5 days)    Classroom Private Online
CORROSION MANAGEMENT    Learn how to structure and implement a robust Corrosion Management System through establishing knowledge of the different corrosion threats and the modern, cost effective techniques required to monitor and control as well as prevent corrosion failures.    3 days (can be extended to 5 days)    Classroom Private Online
WELL INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT (WIM)    This course contains the basic material needed to manage wells throughout their life cycle and manage integrity risk. It gives an overview of the basic principles of well design, construction, surveillance, operation and assessment as well as well barrier construction, monitoring and integrity management.    3 days (can be extended to 5 days)    Classroom Private Online
SUSTAINABILITY IN INDUSTRY    Targeting more sustainable operations is no longer an option for most organizations, it is an essential part of doing business. The challenge is often identifying what actions to take and taking the steps to implement changes in order to operationalize sustainability goals. This training course explores the meaning of the term sustainability in today's world and the means by which businesses, with a focus on the energy industry, turn their sustainability goals into practical and meaningful actions.    2 days    Classroom Private Online
SPARES OPTIMIZATION    The course provides organizations with the knowledge required to capture opportunities which enables them to optimize and reinvent spares inventory and management systems resulting in significant short and long-term savings for clients. Organisations should aim to stock the optimum quantity of spares parts to allow uninterrupted production activity whilst avoiding unnecessary or excessive stocks of spare parts. The cost of failing to do so can be high. The topics in this course are illustrated via practical case studies for the delegates which are analysed and solved in a discussion-based environment.    1 day    Private Online
PIPELINE INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT (PIM)    An overview of the development and implementation of an effective pipeline integrity management system. Gives an introduction of the different designs of pipelines and then moves to explain pipeline threats and their identification methods, how to assess their risks and how to decide on the appropriate mitigation and control techniques of each risk.    3 days (can be extended to 5 days)    Private Online
ANOMALY MANAGEMENT    The Anomaly Management course is aimed at providing the basic knowledge needed for assessing and managing an asset’s anomalies. It gives an overview of the tasks involved in anomaly management while demonstrating the relationship between anomaly management and the maintenance and repair cycle of an asset.    1 day    Private Online
RISK BASED INSPECTION (RBI)    Our RBI course delivers a qualified description of the different disciplines involved in RBI, ranging from material selection and operating conditions to understanding the current and future degradation mechanisms of an asset. It includes integrated worked examples of actual RBI assessments.    1 day    Private Online
FLOW ASSURANCE    This course covers the theory behind production processing (oil and gas), production fluids, production chemistry and solids deposition. It introduces various flow issues like separation, foaming and liquid build-up in gas wells. The course also provides control and mitigation methods for asphaltene flocculation, wax deposition and hydrate formation along with other solid deposits to decrease high maintenance and failure costs related to transport systems.    3 days (can be extended to 4 days)    Private Online
PRE-STARTUP SAFETY REVIEWS (PSSR)    This course covers all aspects of preparing and conducting a pre-startup safety review. It explains the importance, purpose, requirements and scope of a PSSR while going through PSSR deficient case histories. The course provides group exercises where participants can analyze a scenario and complete a PSSR Checklist based on it.    1 day    Private Online
SAFE SYSTEM OF WORK    Our Safe System of Work course provides the framework for the fundamentals and procedure of an effective safe system of work while demonstrating the methods and importance of its implementation. The course fulfills its objectives by providing interactive examples that relate to Hot Work, Mechanical Lifting, Permit to Work and other systems of work.    1 day    Private Online
MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE (MOC)    This course follows a problem-based learning approach where the principles, requirements and process of Management of Change are simplified in a walkthrough of change-related incidents that shaped the Management of Change process.    1 day    Private Online
RISK MANAGEMENT    The Risk Management training course identifies the key aspects of the risk based approach of identifying a hazard, assessing its risk and documenting and communicating it to the relevant staff. The course focuses on risk assessment and control while integrating the process of tracking and revalidating risks. Amongst the course’s objectives is to illustrate the consequences of poor risk management on the people, environment, asset life and reputation.    1 day    Private Online
HAZARD IDENTIFICATION & ANALYSIS    This course explains the basis of hazards identification and evaluation and gives an overview of the different methodologies and tools used to identify, evaluate and manage Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Operating (HSSE&O) hazards. The course emphasizes the integral role of Hazard Identification and Analysis in the support of safe, reliable and available operations.    1 day    Private Online
PROCESS SAFETY CULTURE & FUNDAMENTALS    This course provides a framework for the fundamentals of process safety and its management. The course outlines and provides illustrative scenarios of positive and negative process safety, highlighting the knowledge and competence, engineering and design, systems and procedures, assurance, human factors and culture aspects of process safety.    1 day    Private Online
INCIDENT INVESTIGATION & LEARNING    Our Incident Investigation and Learning course is aimed at providing the general knowledge required to properly implement an investigation process by understanding the theory behind Incident Investigation, defining the correct approach and identifying the key personnel involved. The course highlights the importance of reporting incidents in learning and development of process safety.    1 day    Private Online
EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLANNING (ERP)    This course sheds light on how integral and fundamental Emergency Response Planning is in Process Safety. It gives the perfect learning material for any employee who would like to be introduced to the principles of emergency response and how it applies to hazardous industries.    1 day    Private Online
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT & LEARNING    The Performance Management and Learning course explains the process of assessing and improving the integrity management program. The course fulfills its objectives by providing methods relating to program validation and performance verification to sustain reliable integrity.    1 day    Private Online
ACCOUNTABILITY & COMPETENCE    Our Accountability and Competence course provides an overview of the integrity roles, organisational competence and responsibilities required for effective implementation of the integrity management process. The course also reviews the combination of abilities, qualifications, skills and experience involved in fulfilling those key integrity roles and how to verify and assess the competence of personnel.    1 day    Private Online


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