Battery Testing and Energy Storage

From electric vehicles and personal electronics to renewable energy, Dash offers Total Quality Assurance in battery testing and certification services, ensuring energy storage technologies meet performance, reliability and safety criteria
With facilities strategically located near the major development hubs around the world, Dash’s global network of performance, safety and quality evaluation teams are able to assess batteries and energy storage systems from tiny hearing aid button cells through multi-megawatt stationary installations and everything in between.

Our battery testing and advisory services include:


Lithium Ion Battery Testing
Battery Safety Testing
Battery Performance Testing
Battery Fire and Abuse Testing
Battery Consulting and Advisory Services
Battery Modeling and Simulation
UN Transportation Testing (UN/DOT 38.3) for Lithium Batteries
Battery Post-Mortem Analysis
CTIA Battery Certification: IEEE 1725 and IEEE 1625
EU Battery Directive Services
IEC 62133, 2nd Edition
Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Consulting and Advisory Services
Fuel Cell Performance and Safety Testing
Fuel Cell Modeling and Simulation
Electric Vehicles (EV)

Vehicle Battery Certification and Safety Testing
Automotive Battery and Electric Vehicle Testing
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Testing

Additional Battery Testing Services

Environmental Testing: Dust, Knee Load Crush, Mechanical Shock, Package Drop, Pressure, Salt Fog, Service Disconnect, Thermal Shock, Vibration, Water Intrusion/Spray
Materials Testing: Identification, Properties, Failure Analysis
Disconnect & Terminal Connectors: Crimp Integrity, Current Cycling, Dry Circuit, Engage/Disengage Force, HiPot/Dielectric Withstand, Maximum Current, Mechanical Overstress, Terminal Strength/Bend
Energy Storage and Battery Products Tested
We provide testing for the following product types, systems and applications:

AA, AAA, C & D Batteries
Battery packs
Coin & Button Cell Batteries
Flow Batteries
Fuel Cells
Electric Vehicles (EV)
Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE)
In-Device Testing
MP3, Cell Phone & Laptop Batteries
Pack controllers 9V & 12V Batteries
Primary Battery Systems (Alkaline, Lithium)
Redox Batteries
Secondary Battery Systems (Rechargeable, Lithium-Ion
Service disconnects
super capacitors
Wire harnesses

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